Giuliana Moretto & Delia Müller-Wüsten

"Modern Materials: Not Our Fault, But Our Problem" 

 Future Talks: 017 The Silver Edition. Visions. Innovations in Technology and Conservation of the Modern. 

October 11-13, 2017


"Der Reiz der Vergänglichkeit – Wolfgang Hahn als Restaurator"

Museum Ludwig 

September 12, 2017




"Conserving Industrial Materials and Process in Art"

University of Chicago Arts Initiative, "Concrete Happenings"

Principal Investigator, Lecturer

Chicago, IL, November 18-19, 2016



"From Fabrication to Disintegration - A Conservator's View on Contemporary Art"

Symposium: "Permanence and Impermanence in Contemporary Art"

Beijing Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing, China, July 3, 2016


"Robert Gober in Conversation with Christian Scheidemann:

The Artist's Intent and the Role of the Conservator",

Yale Univeristy Art Gallery, New Haven, CT, July 30, 2015



"The New Role of the Conservator"

Symposium, "The First Crack: Conservation and Value in Contemporary Art" 
Symposium curator, lecturer

SVA Theatre, New York, NY, April 29, 2015  



"Vom Tastsinn des Restaurators" (The Conservator's Sense of Touch)

Conference lecturer, "Don't Touch / Touch Screen"

Department of Art and Visual History (IKB) 
 Humboldt University Berlin, DE, April 9, 2015


"The Shelf-Life of Contemporary Art: A Conservator's View"

Lecturer, Christie's Education Program

New York, NY, February 18, 2015 


"The Intention of the Artist and the Reality of the Artwork" 

Getty Conservation Institute

Los Angeles, CA, February 10, 2015 


"From Fabrication to Disintegration: A Conservator's View"

Graduate Seminar Lecture Series

Art Center College of Design 

Pasadena, CA, February 10, 2015




Open Practice Committee Lecture, Lecturer

Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society, Material Matters

University of Chicago, Neubauer Collegium Visiting Fellow; “Concrete Traffic” Principal Investigator

Chicago, IL


Conservation Talk with SI Director Simon Castets

Swiss Institute/Contemporary Art

New York, NY, May 1, 2014


"The History of Wolf Vostell's Concrete Traffic (1970)"

The University of Chicago, Visiting Fellow 

Chicago, IL



Rhode Island School of Design, Lecturer 

Providence, RI



ICA Salon: Systems, 'Jason Rhoades- Four Roads', Panelist with Lynne Cooke and Ingrid Schaffner

Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia,  PA, December, 3, 2013



"Artist Rooms Projects"

Tate Museum/National Galleries of Scotland, Lecturer

Glasgow University, Glasgow, Scotland

Edinburgh, United Kingdom



"The Shelf-Life of Contemporary Art: A Conservator's View"


IFASIC, Lisbon Conference, Lecturer

Lisbon, Portugal, October 18-19, 2013


Conversation with Matthew Barney

The Morgan Library

New York, NY, May 15, 2013



“Visiting Artist Series"

Rutgers University, Lecturer 

New Brunswick, New Jersey



Workshop on Wolf Vostell’s “Concrete Traffic 1970"

The University of Chicago, Lecturer

Chicago, IL



Buffalo State College Conservation Program, Lecturer

Buffalo, NY



Conversation on Artworks by Dieter Roth

Hauser & Wirth, Panelist 

New York, NY



Meta-Monumental Garage Sale

Museum of Modern Art, installation by Martha Rosler, Panelist

New York, NY, November 17, 2012



“Damage: No Longer Art”

Salvage Art Institute, Panelist

Columbia University, New York, NY, November 14, 2012 





Future Talks 011, “New materials and technologies in the production of contemporary art in the U.S.”

The International Design Museum

Munich, Germany, October 26-28, 2011




Collectors’ Forum “Conserving the New"

The Morgan Library

Art Dealers Association of America, Panelist 

New York, NY, Janurary 23, 2010 



“Włodzimierz Borowski. Works and Reconstructions”

Museum of Modern Art Warsaw, Symposium

Warsaw, Poland, November 20, 2010 





"Is the Artist Always Right- New Approaches in the Collaboration Between Artist and Conservator"

Contemporary Art: Who Cares?, International conference, Lecturer

Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 1, 2010




“Fabrication and Disintegration of Contemporary Art”

The Blanton Museum of Art, Lecturer 

Austin TX, September 18, 2010




“Conservation and Inherent Vice in Contemporary Art”

The Freeman’s Lecture Series and Appraisers Association of America, Lecturer

New York, NY


Symposium for Monika Wagner

Warburg Haus, Lecturer 

Hamburg, Germany


"Material and Process in Contemporary Art"

Hochschule Fur Gestaltung

Karlsruhe, Germany



SBMK Dutch Foundation for the Conservation of Modern Art:

Van Abbe Museum, Keynote Speaker, Museum Day

Eindhoven, The Netherlands



The Object in Transition” Panel Discussion with Robert Gober, Doris Salcedo, Paul McCarthy, Rachel Harrison, and Elisabeth Sussman

Getty Conservation Institute

Los Angeles, CA, January 24, 2008 





Replica Colloquium

Tate Modern

London, United Kingdom 



Conservation Issues of Modern and Contemporary Art (CIMCA)

Museum of Modern Art, Symposium 

New York, NY, June 2-4, 2008 



Permanence in Contemporary Art- Checking Reality

Statens Museum fur Kunst, Keynote Speaker

Copenhagen, Denmark, November 3-4, 2008



"Conservation and Authenticities: Material, Concept, Context"

University of Glasgow, Keynote Speaker

Glasgow, Scotland



Herstellungs und Verfalls- Prozesse in der Zeit Genössischen Kunst

Academy of Fine Arts

Hamburg, Germany



"The Meaning of Material in Contemporary Art"

Humboldt University

Berlin, Germany


“Evaluation of Damage” 

Appraisers Association of America, Panel Discussion

New York, NY


The Architecture of Other Spaces: Symposium on Matta and Gordon Matta-Clark and Celluliod Structures: The Films of Gordon Matta-Clark

San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, CA



Modern Paints Uncovered 

Tate Modern, Conference, Panelist

London, United Kingdom 



Breeding Dust- The Meaning of New Materials in Contemporary Art

(Societé Anonyme) UCLA Hammer Museum

Los Angeles, CA



Material as Language in Contemporary Art

University of Massachusetts

Amherst, MA


Uno Momento- Some Notes on Temporality in Contemporary Art

(Paul McCarthy & Jason Rhoades), Conference on Movable Art,

Tinguely Museum

Basel, Switzerland



The Ephemeral Aspect in Contemporary Art

Contemporary Curator’s Annual Conference,

Bowdoin College

Portland, ME


The Lure of the Object

Clark Art Institute (Publication)

Williamstown, MA 



The Significance of Dirt, Dust, and Bird Dropping in Contemporary Art

AIC Conference

Portland, OR


Die Bedeutung von Staub, Schmutz und Vogeldreck in der Zeitgenoessischen Kunst

VDR Conference (Publication)

Dusseldorf, Germany 



New Materials in Contemporary Art

New York University

New York, NY


Der Sprung im Elephantendung

Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste

Karlsruhe, Germany


Food in Artworks- A Conservator’s Challenge

Fachhochschule Bern

Bern, Switzerland


Case Studies in the Conservation of Contemporary Art

University of Basel

Basel, Switzerland


How to Eat Art- A Conservator’s View

Harvard University Bush Reisinger Museum

Cambridge, MA


Wie Haltbar ist Videokunst

Hochschule Fuer Bildende Kuenste, Offenbach/ Main



Conservation of Video Art, Conference on New Media

Fachhochschule Bern

Bern, Switzerland



Code of Ethics for Conservators

University of Ghent

Ghent, Belgium


“Men at Work- The Significance of Material in the Collaboration of Artist and Fabricator in the 60’s and 70’s in Modern Art”- Who Cares?

International Conference for the Conservation of Modern Art, (Publication)

Amsterdam, Netherlands 


“Basalt Rods from Cassel

From Unification of the German Empire to the Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts, Beuys"

Skovgard Museum

Viborg, Denmark



Das Original in der Modernen Kunst

School of Fine Arts

Dresden, Germany


“Do Not Eat Art”- Preservation of Food in the Work of Contemporary Artist

"From Marble to Chocolate", conference

Tate Gallery 

London, United Kingdom, September 18-20, 1995 







"Ryan Sullivan"

Published by ICA Miami/Dancing Foxes Press

Edited by Karen Kelly, Barbara Schroeder. Text by Alex Gartenfeld, Tim Griffin, Christian Scheidemann. Interview by Laura Owens.


"The Fragility of Contemporary Art: A Conversation with Christian Scheidemann"

Published by Swiss Institute for the exhibition "Heidi Bucher" at Swiss Institute, New York, 2014


"Robert Gober: The Heart Is Not A Metaphor"

Published by The Museum of Modern Art

Contributing Essay "Robert Gober's Painted Sculpture" 


"Second Languages: Reading Piotr Uklanski"

Published by Hatje Cantz

Contributing Essay


"Wenn Kunst krank macht"

Interview in Monopol Magazine, November



“Authenticity: How to Get There?”

in Art Conservation and Authenticities: Material, Concept, Context, University of Glasgow


“Dirk Skreber, The Catastrophe in Painting” Contributing Essay

Catalog Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Germany


Keith Edmier

Parkett International #80


"Notes from the Laboratory"

'Barney & Beuys: All in the Present Must Be Transformed'

Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin Germany


“Laura Owens in Conversation with Christian Scheidemann”

in Laura Owens, Kunsthalle Zürich


"Gordon Matta-Clark: Material and Process" in 'You are the Measure'

Whitney Museum, New York NY


“The Lure of the Object”  

Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA


On Kawara

Phaidon Contributing Essayist


“How Durable is Video Art?”

Fachhochschule Offenbach, Germany


Tangential Talk- A Conversation with Eva Meyer- Hermann about Jason Rhoades

Parkett International #58


Paul Thek: Fishman, Latex 1968

Zeitschrift für Konservierung und Kunsttechnologie, Mainz, Germany


“Men at Work- The Significance of the Material in the Collaboration of Artist and Fabricator in the 60’s and 70’s in Modern Art”- Who Cares?

International Conference for the Conservation of Modern Art, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Blinky Palermo- An Attempt of Reanimation to a Destroyed Work of Art

Düsseldorf, Germany


Wie Haltbar ist Video-Kunst? Edited by B. Otterbeck.

Wolfsburg, Germany


Vom Altern der Modernen Kunst,

Zeitreise, Frankfurt am Main, Germany